Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Detroit regional cocktails

Back in 2011, when we were young, we posted a friend's recipe for what he calls a "Motor City Mixer:" Double shot of vodka, glass of ice, Faygo Rock & Rye. Our good friends over on Gawker have posted a list of the 13 finest regional cocktails. To the chagrin of several commentors, the original Gawker list lacks any Detroit regional cocktails. Fortunately the commentors were quick to provide suggestions of their favorite Detroit regional cocktails:

1. The Ambassador: Vernors and Canadian Club

2. Zug Island Iced Tea: Canadian Club, Popov, Five O'Clock Gin, and El Toro Tequila topped with Faygo Moon Mist. Strain through an asbestos filter and serving over chilled Detroit River Rocks.

Gentle readers, do you have any suggestions for regional cocktails? Perhaps some that do not involve industrial waste?

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