Monday, October 27, 2014

Freep endorses Snyder for governor

The Freep's editorial board has endorsed Snyder in the race for governor this year:
By a narrow margin, the editorial board endorses Snyder. But a second term must be tempered with empathy and a sense of moderate Michigan values.
I'm enraged by a number of the things Snyder's done during his term. But while listening to the town hall debate on October 12, I  realized this race was not going to present an easy decision.

I align more ideologically with Schauer, no doubt. But during that town hall he could offer only vague statements about his plans and empty rhetoric; this left me with a surprisingly poor impression of the Democratic candidate. Snyder leaned on accomplishments which were by and large good for the state.

What's a socially liberal voter with deeply-held disdain for meaningless cliches and nonspecific plans to do?

Updated at 1:28pm to add:

As always, Jack Lessenberry is on point:
What’s most stunning about that is not who the newspaper is supporting. Anyone reading their full endorsement article might be more inclined to apply for asylum in Canada than vote at all. What the paper is saying, whether it realizes it or not, is that our system just isn’t working. Not for you; not for me. Not for our state.
 Listen to his essay over at Michigan Radio.


  1. Just wondering--with which of Snyder's accomplishments were you impressed and which "meaningless cliches and nonspecific plans" uttered by Schauer did you disdain?

  2. My opinion n Snyder can be summarized with "fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."