Monday, February 2, 2015

What would it take to live stream Ypsilanti City Council Meetings

I love watching Ann Arbor City Council meetings live, over the internet, from the comfort of my home or from the comfort of my favorite local watering hole. I'm not afraid to admit it. Because the City Council meetings are broadcast live over the internet there is a nice community of folks who follow along and chat about the meetings on twitter. There are literally dozens of us. It's a great way to engage with local government.

As EJ is fond of reminding me, we no longer live in Ann Arbor. I know my new home, Ypsilanti, doesn't the same public access television infrastructure as Ann Arbor. Still I think it would be great to be able to watch and discuss Ypsilanti City Council meetings in real time, over the internet. Does anybody know what it would take to reliably set up a live stream of these meetings?


  1. I don't know, but I am glad you are exploring it. CTN has workshops they do, maybe they have one that teaches how to do it? Also, who's the person that's been using a voice-based technology to stream a written real time account of the A2Council meeting? I found that useful a few meetings ago when I was out and could not see the CTN feed. I could follow along with the written feed. Check back on the #A2Council feed a couple meetings...the person doing it posted the links to their speech feed.

    1. If I remember correctly, that's an experiment from Dave Askins (formerly of the Chronicle). It's an example of the sort of thing the CivCity Initiative ( ) could accomplish if/when it's funded and running.