Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Tonight at the AADL: Ann Arbor Elections: What works? What doesn't?

The Ann Arbor League of Women Voters is hosting a forum tonight at the AADL. The panelists will be discussing some of the unique features of Ann Arbor's local political landscape. From the LWV:

Did you know that Ann Arbor is one of only three cities in the entire state that holds partisan city elections? The other two are our neighbor Ypsilanti and the City of Ionia. Wonder why that is? Is it because it is a better way or are there other reasons?

LWV-AAA intends to explore that very issue in a mini-series of forums beginning this spring. On March 3rd we will begin the conversation with Ann Arbor Elections: What works? What doesn't.

I know Dave Askins has been working on cranking out a lot of graphs and charts for his presentation tonight. You really don't want to miss that.

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  1. The forum itself was not really a suitable venue for presenting lots of graphs and charts. But here's some links to some of them: