Sunday, May 31, 2015

ReImagine Wasntenaw Public Hearing at tomorrow's Ann Arbor City Council meeting

Gentle reader, have you ever tried to walk or bike along Washtenaw Ave? It's not a very pleasant experience. Heck, driving down Washtnaw is pretty crappy too. Washtenaw is a dynamic corridor with retail, commercial, and residential areas that connects Ann Arbor to the City of Ypsilanti passing through Pittsfield and Ypsilanti Townships along the way. The ReImagine Wasntanw plan aims to bring the 4 municipalities along the Wasntenaw Corridor together with a common planning vision to improve pedestrian, cycling, transit and automobile infrastructure along the street. So far, Ann Arbor is the only municipality that has not officially endorsed the ReImagine Wasnteaw plan. There will be a public hearing at tomorrow's City Council meeting on a resolution to support the ReImagine Wasnteaw plan. Earlier this year, the City Council postponed a vote on the same resolution because there was some opposition to the plan voiced during the public hearing. Because of this, some folks are organizing a group encouraging people who support the ReImagine Washtenaw Plan to go speak at the City Council meeting tomorrow.

Gentle reader, I strongly encourage you to study up on the plan so that you can make an informed stance on the proposal. Also, make sure you follow tomorrow's City Council Meeting.


  1. God I hope this winds up getting through. It’s such an obvious improvement for everyone.

  2. It passed 10-1 with CM Lumm dissenting. The language of the final resolved clause got watered down a bit.