Saturday, February 27, 2016

Feeling Haunted?

Spooks, specters, or spirits got you down? Look no further than the Ann Arbor Paranormal Research Society. If your house is haunted, this scrappy band of ghost hunters is offering free investigations. Sounds fascinating.


  1. I always think that I should tag along on one of these, since I am quite certain that ghosts do not exist. Would having me along keep the ghosts away? Would I change my mind? Would the ghosts be pissed that I don't believe in them and swag out? Or would they recognize my keen intellect and just stay hidden? The possibilities are endless!

  2. That said, I do have one weird experience in my past. Still doesn't make me believe in ghosts, but it was odd.

  3. A friend once said that they weren't scared of ghosts, but they were scared of ghost stories.