Friday, February 17, 2017

Ann Arbor Stories: The Red Light District

Incase you missed Rich Retyi's presentation at Nerd Nite last night, you can hear all about Ann Arbor's Fourth Avenue Red Light of yesteryear over on Ann Arbor Stories. This episode of the podcast is decidedly NSFW. From Ann Arbor Stories:

There was a time in Ann Arbor’s not-so-distant past when a part of town was widely known as the red light district. Adult bookstores, topless massage parlors, prostitutes, hoodlums, and bums—all just blocks from City Hall and Ann Arbor police headquarters. Cops were raiding massage parlors every few months, rounding up a dozen massage workers at a time, but the arrests never made a dent. Crackdowns on prostitutes and the johns who solicited them didn’t make much impact either. The red light district regenerated. Persisted. Grew stronger.

How did Ann Arbor become home to this kind of brazen adult fare?

My favorite part of this story is how it all turns on local zoning.

Image via: Ann Arbor Stories Instagram

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