Sunday, February 26, 2017

Donut Wars: Dom's vs. Dimo's

There has been a raging debate this weekend on r/AnnArbor: who has the best donuts in the Ypsi-Arbor area, Dom's or Dimo's?

Dom Bakeries (often refereed to as Dom's), located at 1305 Washtenaw in Ypsilanti, is a stalwart of the County's East Side. Dom's is open 24/7 and known for their apple fritters.

Dimo's Deli and Donuts, located at 2030 W. Stadium, offers a breakfast menu and deli sandwiches in addition to donuts. They are known for their charming mixture of gruffness and sass.

On reddit the debate can be distilled as follows: people in Ypsilanti prefer Dom's donuts because they are too drunk to drive to Ann Arbor and get donuts from Dimo's; people in Ann Arbor prefer Dimo's because they are too drunk to drive to Ypsilanti and get donuts from Dom's. I have to admit I am a bit biased, I like Dom's a lot. EJ and I live less than a mile from Dom's and at night, when the wind is just right, you can smell the faint sent of apple fritters on the breeze. I'm a sucker for Dom's apple fritters. Also, while I've been to Dimo's, I've never had their donuts.

Gentle readers, what do you think about the great Dom's/Dimo's debate? This matter is especially pressing considering Paczki day is this Tuesday.


  1. Dimo's and Dom's are both pretty far from South Dakota, even when I'm sober.

    I enjoy Gary's Donuts, two blocks north of the Daily Leader's newsroom.

  2. I love Dom's. Especially the apple fritters. And I'll be getting paczki there tomorrow!

    Never been to Dimo's, though.

  3. Dom's hands down for sweets! They are open 24 hours, have a large selection, and fritters are the size of my head and delicious! Dimo's has AMAZING sandwiches. Hours are limited, must get there early. Limited donut selection depending on how late you get there. Apple fritters very good, but Dom's are still better.