Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Everything you've always wanted to know about Detroit Style Pizza but were afraid to ask

The stuff dreams are made of. 

Writing on Serious Eats, chef J. Kenji López-Alt just published his extensive quest to make Detroit style pizza at home. It is a great read. Not only does he detail what makes our region's pizza so special, he also chronicles his successes and failures in his attempts to recreate it. The secret seems to be bread flower, 73% hydration, kneading, Wisconsin block cheese, and a steel pan. You can read the recipe here. From the article:

This is not everyday pizza. It's not every-week pizza. It might not even be every-month, if you want to live to a reasonable age. But damn, is it good pizza. So good that it's worth a trip to Detroit just to taste it. So good that it's worth devoting months of time, weeks of research, and dozens and dozens of experiments to developing a recipe to duplicate it at home. So that's exactly what I did. Here's what I found.

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