Thursday, March 30, 2017

The history of the Blind Pig on Ann Arbor Stories

With news that the Blind Pig/8-Ball and their liquor license are up for sale, I can think of no better time than to dive into the history of the establishment. Fortunately, Rich Retyi's got a great Ann Arbor Stories for us. Episode 28 is all about the Blind Pig and what happened last time it was sold. It's definitely worth a listen.

A little Damn Arbor history for you, gentle reader. Most people don't know this, but we started this website back in 2010 when all of the original contributors were living together in a rental on 3rd at Liberty. Naturally, we spent a great deal of time at the 8 Ball and Pig and have a lot of fond memories there. It was a blow to see the building was up for sale back in February. Though there is some hope that some bar/music venue may stay at the site considering the liquor license is also for sale. If you have fond memories of the 8 Ball and Pig, then you have to listen to this episode of Ann Arbor Stories.


  1. Replies
    1. I almost referred to us as the "Original Peaches" but decide against it.

  2. One of us never lived there, y'know. ;)

  3. Rich Retyi, DelGiudice is spelled with the i before the u, so you've pronounced it incorrectly. Nice to hear the Pig's history summarized.
    -Tom Isaia