Friday, April 14, 2017

Book launch party tomorrow at Ypsi's Dereamland Theater

Gentle readers, I have a confession: I have a low tolerance for horror. I think it's because of my overactive imagination. This fact lead to an interesting conversation with Ypsilanti based horror author, Ken MacGregor. For people with a low horror threshold, which is worse watching horror movies, or reading horror fiction? On one hand, with horror fiction, you can control the pace, and skip over some of the scariest parts. On the other hand, when you are reading something terrifying, you can't just close your eyes during the worst parts. Horror fiction forces you to create images of terrible things in your mind.

I was chatting with Ken because he is having a launch party for his second collection of short stories, Sex, Gore and Millipedes, tomorrow at the Dreamland Theater in downtown Ypsilanti. The book, published by Detroit based Dragon's Roost Press, is definitely NSFW. I can't even show you the full cover, gentle reader, but I can give you a peak at part of it.

Ken's book launch is tomorrow from 5-9 pm. Because of the content of the book, the party is for adults only. Though, I don't think they will be checking IDs at the door. If you're interested in horror or local authors you should totally check it out. Ken is a fascinating guy to talk with and he can answer all your questions about horror fiction.

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