Tuesday, April 18, 2017

DECONSCIOUSNESS art installation on North Campus opens today

DECONSCIOUSNESS: Three Levels of Consciousness is a final project from the students in the Experiments in Architecture, Installation, and Painting course. In response to "the inherent elitism in art exhibitions, installations, and even institutions" the class decided to create their final project in the Architecture Building's shared work space. The installation consists of three zones that allow visitors to "examine the role of the 'CONSCIOUS', 'SUBCONSCIOUS', [and]'SUPERCONSCIOUS'." You can check out some of the pictures of DECONSCIOUSNESS below. It looks pretty cool. Though what really sold me on the installation was this line in an email I got from, D Wang Zhao, one of the students who helped to create the space: "It is wonderful, engaging, and weird. An exhibition that I think fits into Damn Arbor's content." So if you want to check out a weirdly engaging art experience, you should stop by DECONSCIOUSNESS.

DECONSCIOUSNESS opens with a reception tonight from 5 pm to 9 pm. The installation is in the Work Commons of the Art and Architecture Building and runs through the 23rd of April.

All photos courtesy of D Wang Zhao

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