Sunday, April 30, 2017

May 1st Ann Arbor City Council Meeting Preview

The best way to watch a City Council Meeting at home.

Tomorrow night's Ann Arbor City Council meeting is unlikely to be as exciting as the April 17th meeting, when the Library Lot contract was approved. Still, there are 7 public hearings so it could be an interesting night. There are two public hearings on site plans for new buildings. PH-2 is on the The Collegian North site at 1107 South University. The proposed plans put the Collegian North at 150' tall with 12 stories (see elevation below). PH-3 is on approving the site plan for 315-317 South Main. The plans call for a 6 story mixed use building on Main between Liberty and William.

On the connect agenda for tomorrows meeting there are several street closures, including for the Ann Arbor Book Festival (June 17th) and the Angell Elementary Ice Cream Social (June 9th). CA-6 is interesting. It's a resolution to establish "Establish the Inglis House Historic District Study Committee and to Require all Applications for Permits within the Proposed Inglis House Historic District to be Referred to the Historic District Commission for Review." By way of background, at their April 20th meeting, the U of M Regents voted to sell the 80 year old estate which overlooks the Arboretum. The estate has been used as a guest house for VIPs visiting the U of M, but it needs about $5 million to bring it up to modern disability standards. Interestingly, the Inglis Estate was in the short-lived "Individual Historic Properties Historic District." That district existed from 1988 until 2001 when the Michigan Court of Appeals declared the district invalid. It will be interesting to see how the city is able to handle the historic designation this time.

The Front Elevation for the Collegian North

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