Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Voter turnout up across all wards in Ann Arbor City Council primary

Gentle readers, the last odd year #a2council primary has come and gone. Voter turnout was up across all 4 of the wards that had contested primaries last week. The Fighting Fifth maintains its position as the Ann Arbor ward with the highest turnout. Interestingly, this pattern of higher turnout runs against the pattern of lower turnout in the May 2017 election. You can check out all of the data for yourself on the Washtenaw County Election's website.

Ward 1:

2015: 6.05%
2017: 9.94%

Ward 3:

2015: 10.61%
2017: 12.17%

Ward 4:

2015: 10.08%
2017: 11.50%

Ward 5:

2015: 14.09%
2017: 17.00%

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