Sunday, December 17, 2017

Ann Arbor City Council Preview

The parcels that are part of the Glen Mixed Use Development are outlines in red.

Gentle readers, the last #a2council meeting of the year is tomorrow night. It looks like the council is really trying to go out with a bang: there are 8 public hearings scheduled tomorrow night. You can check out the full agenda here. Two of the public hearings, PH-1 and PH-2, concern the Glen Mixed Use Development planned for the empty lot at the corner of Glen and Ann. This lot is one of the more prominent holes in our city and it will be interesting to see how this proposal is received by the neighborhood and the city at large.

Another interesting item on the agenda is a memo reviewing the Crosswalk Ordinance. I've just scanned the 20 page report but here are some highlights. First here's a resolution from the November 15th Transportation Commission meeting:

The Transportation Commission recommends that City Council maintain the Crosswalk Ordinance in its current iteration based on the review and discussion of the ordinance that the Commission has had and the research that has been done by staff.
Interestingly, there is a section of the report that discusses methods that have been used to communicate about the Crosswalk Ordinance. Seeing the list reminds me that the city still has not put up signs at the major entrances into Ann Arbor explaining our Crosswalk Ordinance.

Another interesting item on the agenda is C-3,An amendment to the City Code to add a chapter establishing a procedure for removing a councilperson from office. Gentle reader, what interests you the most in tomorrow's #a2council agenda?


  1. The current/new crosswalk ordinance is just not working. How often have I seen cars come to a stop when people are by a crosswalk but NOT crossing.
    Also, now see more people crossing the street without even looking, with the expectations that cars will always stop for them. This will end up killing or severely injuring someone. Need to go back to "Stop, Look and Listen before crossing" the street. That is what will keep pedestrians the safest.

  2. I agree. It won't necessarily get better with time because Ann Arbor is flooded with new faces all the time. Signs at the entrances to the city? Good luck with that.