Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Holiday gift idea: Ann(e) Arbor perfume

Gentle reader, there is an Etsy Shop in France that is selling what appears to be a half empty bottle of Anne Arbor perfume. Even stranger, the price is listed as $7.34. Is someone trying to send us a message? Is this just a giant cosmic coincidence? I have so many questions. What is Anne Arbor perfume? Does it smell like Ann Arbor? What does the essence of Ann Arbor smell like?

Gentle reader, do you have a difficult-to-shop-for Ann Arborite on your shopping list? Why not buy them the ultimate gift? A half empty bottle of Anne Arbor perfume. It can be yours for just $7.34(!) plus $7.71 shipping and handling. Seriously, if somebody does buy it, please let us know what it smells like.

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