Monday, December 4, 2017

Ypsilanti City Council Preview

December's first Ypsilanti City Council Meeting is tomorrow night at Ypsilanti City Hall at 7 pm. The most exciting item on the agenda is a presentation of the 164 page 2017 Annual Financial Report. I've only skimmed the report, but here are some of the highlights: property tax revenue is up about $157,017 or 1.5% to $10,582,364; total revenue is down from $24,375,260 to $19,072,294; and total expense are down from $22,865,869 to $20,848,429.

Another interesting item is Resolution No. 2017-282, which would enter into an agreement with the Huron River Watershed Council to manage a study examining the feasibility of removing the old Peninsular Paper Co. Dam and restoring the riparian ecosystem there. There will also be presentations on the the snow removal plan for winter 2017-2018 and the plans for the large parcel at 800 Lowell (pictured below).

Citizen Streamers have streamed been streamed several recent public meeting in Ypsilanti via Facebook Live. I haven't been able to confirm whether anybody will be streaming the Dec. 5th #YpsiCouncil meeting. If I do hear anything, I'll update this article.

UPDATE: Ypsi Live will be streaming tomorrow night's meeting.

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