Monday, February 19, 2018

Ann Arbor City Council Meeting PREVIEW

'sup in the ARB? While my friend Ben is off traveling the globe, I sit on my couch and anxiously await the next Ann Arbor City Council meeting! As one does.

Because today is a holiday, the meeting will take place tomorrow (Tuesday, February 20) at 7pm. But oh look at the good stuff that awaits you!

1) Update on Council Resolution Resolutions: I thought this sounded cute. A resolution on resolutions! It's actually quite serious and details recommendations regarding "various safety related items in the vicinity of Huron High School, implementation of Vision Zero, evaluation of crosswalks, lane conversions, and speed reduction."

2) A very large Consent Agenda: Items on a consent agenda are things that everyone agrees to and so rather than voting on them individually, a group will just approve the whole thing in one fell swoop. Every now and again a councilmember will remove something from the Consent Agenda and then it will be discussed and voted upon separately. This batch looks at everything from closing the streets for the Mayor's Green Fair on June 8 (my last day of school! holla!) to accepting a Quitclaim Deed from Pittsfield Charter Township for a parcel on Packard to approving a services agreement with Magic Finish for custodial and event services at Cobblestone Farm (that's where I got married! It was quite clean!) to a resolution to prohibit on-street parking on the South Side of Pauline Boulevard from S. Seventh Street to Redeemer Avenue. Sixteen things in all! Whew!

3) Public Hearings on the topics of solar energy systems and fee adjustments for liveries!

4) Revisions to the Disorderly Conduct ordinance

5) Appointments and Resignations. I am on there, resigning from the Disabilities Commission. I feel sad about that but I can't make the meetings that start at 3:15.

The entire agenda can be found here but do check back for updates as tomorrow is when people can call up to request time to speak. Happy Council Viewing!!! #a2council4lyfe

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