Monday, July 2, 2018

Ann Arbor City Council Preview: July 2, 2018

There is a #a2council meeting in less than 2 hours. Here's a quick preview.

The most exciting item on the agenda is a proposal make mayoral and city council elections nonpartisan (DC-2). Ann Arbor (along with Ypsilanti) is anomalous in Michigan in having partisan mayoral and council races. This proposal is cosponsored by councilperson Lumm (With Eaton and Bannister). Notably, Lumm is the only non-Democrat on council. Now that council has switched from 2 year terms to 4 year terms, it is unlikely that Lumm will be able to win now that she will be running in even years instead of off year elections.

There is another spicy item on the agenda. DC-5 adds clarifying language to the ballot initiative to put a park on the Library Lot. Considering CMs Bannister and Kailasapathy are currently suing the city over the sale of the Library Lot, you can bet the debate about this will be pretty spicy.

Finally, the dumb plan to make it illegal to use the city flag and seal without permission is getting a public hearing and second reading. Does anyone know why the city is doing this? I missed any debate and discussion of this at the last council meeting.

Gentle reader, what are you most looking forward to at tonight's #a2council meeting? We are well into campaign season so there may be some political fireworks. Make sure you tune in tonight at 7 to watch CTN's live stream and follow the blow-by-blow action on #a2council hashtag on Twitter.

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  1. There was no debate or discussion of the city flag and seal issue at the last #A2Council meeting — it passed unanimously (on first reading) without comment.