Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Where have the Birds gone?

A flock of 11 Bird Scooters at the City's DPW lot

It looks like we have a real Silent Spring situation on our hands. Yesterday afternoon, local Twitter user, @jhritz noticed a large flock of Bird Scooters on the far South Side of Ann Arbor in the city's public works lot. Immediately there was speculation: were city workers commuting using these electric scooters?

@jhritz took it upon himself to investigate. Using the map from the Bird Scooter App, he was able to locate the 11 scooters. They were locked in the back of a city trailer:

It seems like the city has been scooping up Bird Scooters. I imagine the ones that are not placed well after usage. Big shoutout to @jhritz for solving the mystery of the missing Bird Scooters.


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  2. Are you sure about this? Bird pays people to pick up the scooters every day and take them away to charge them.