Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Ignite 12 - Call for Speakers

Gentle readers, I know that you are a passionate bunch. Here's my question to you: do you want to share that passion with others? If so, you should submit a proposal to speak at Ignite 12. Ignite presentations are fast: 5 minutes, 20 slides. They offer a great opportunity for you to get up and share something that is important to you with an engaged audience. If you are looking for inspiration, check out the setlist for Ignite 8. Ignite Ann Arbor is currently hosted by the Ann Arbor District Library. I asked AADL Deputy Director, Eli Neiburger, what makes for a great Ignite presentation. Here's what he said:

A great presentation touches on the most interesting aspects of a topic for a general audience, inspiring them to want to know more about that topic. The best talks put the presenter's enthusiasm on display and make new enthusiasts out of the audience. A story of a personal journey rarely achieves this goal; the best talks are about how to do something, or how something works, or hidden histories or unheard voices.
Gentle readers, does this inspire you? If so, submit your proposal here. The application deadline is 11:59pm, Oct 2. You will be notified whether you are successful or not on Oct. 7. Presentations for Ignite 12 start at 6:30 pm on Nov. 7.

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