Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Imagination and the End of Policing

Tomorrow night at 7 pm the Huron Valley chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America is hosting an awesome panel discussion with Maryam Aziz, Maria Thomas, and Alex Vitale. They will be discussing the end of policing and how that relates to our local struggles to build a more just society. From the press release:

This panel will be a unique opportunity to connect Alex’s work to distinct local struggles against the carceral state. Maryam and Maria will discuss how they began organizing against the harms of policing in Washtenaw County, MI and how they imagine and work to abolish the conditions under which police and prisons became the solution to problems. Maryam, Maria, and Alex will discuss how a rich body of abolitionist theory and an understanding of the international, national, and local histories of resistance to policing can inform and shape local organizing.
This event will be live streamed on Facebook at 7 pm.

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