Friday, November 6, 2020

Ypsi District Library: Curated Book Hauls

One of the small sadnesses of the pandemic is that Ypsilanti District Libraries are closed to browsing (though you can still order books online and pick up through Curbside Service). As a result we haven't been able to take Baby Damn Arbor to enjoy all the infant and toddler programming that the library usually has to offer, including the expansive collection of board books to venture outside our home collection. 

Fortunately, the library has started a Hand-Picked for You program, where library cardholders can still avail themselves of the librarians' expertise. We filled out a form of the type and number of books we wanted, plus some additional information about Baby Damn Arbor's book preferences. And ta da: a personalized package of books, including some recently published, ready for pickup within two days. "The Babies and Doggies Book" and "Peek-a-Who?" have even cracked into Baby Damn Arbor's cycle of favorites. Very grateful to be able to enjoy some portion of the library during this pandemic and looking forward to what the librarians will find for our second haul when we take all these back in a few weeks!

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