Monday, January 4, 2021

Ann Arbor City Council Preview: January 4, 2021


Gentle reader, today is the first #a2council meeting of 2021. Here's the agenda

The evening kicks off with an 11 item consent agenda. Of note, CA-8, which is purchasing road salt. The consent agenda is pretty light this evening. 

There are two public hearings on the docket tonight. PH-1/B-1 is an ordinance to initiate the next round to township island annexations. PH-2/B-2 is the second reading of an ordinance dealing with new rules for building in floodplains. 

Further down the agenda, DC-1, is a resolution to reconsider the resolution to purchase Axon Body Cameras for the AAPD. DC-2, is a resolution for Ann Arbor to join the Washtenaw Regional Resource Management Authority, which would be a regional solid waste authority. When this came forward initially, there was some fear that the new authority may not be as union friendly as Ann Arbor. Word on the street is that this might get pulled tonight to make confirm there are more robust labor protections this time around. Finally we get to, DB-1, a resolution to approve the distribution of the draft transportation master plan. Very excited to see this going out. 

The spiciest chili of the night is not even on the agenda. Last night at the Council Caucus CM Griswold indicated she might bring back the water rate increase for reconsideration. 

If you'd like a deeper dive into a couple of the agenda items, make sure you check out the latest episode of the A2 AF podcast. Hosts Jessica Letaw, Molly Kleinman, and Michelle Hughes take a deep dive into township island annexation, the Washtenaw Regional Resource Management Authority, the draft transportation master plan, and more. It's a great listen

As always, gentle reader, I am probably forgetting some very important items here. What agenda items are you most looking forward to seeing. I am guessing that tonight will be another late night around the virtual council table. Hopefully we will see you there. The CTN stream starts at 7 pm. Make sure you follow the action on the #a2council hashtag.


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