Thursday, August 4, 2022

Ann Arbor City Council Preview: August 4, 2022


Gentle reader, tonight is a special Thursday edition of #a2Council. Here's the agenda

The evening kicks off with at modest, 11 item consent agenda. CA-1 and CA-2 are street closures for the Campus Fire Safety Awareness and UM Football games, respectively. 

There is one public hearing on the agenda tonight. PH-1/B-1 is the public hearing on the second reading of an ordinance reading that reduces the minimum lot size, rear setbacks, and minimum lot area per dwelling. This is good as it will allow more duplexes to be built. 

Further down the agenda we get to DC-1, a resolution to sell a city owned lot at 1146 S Maple to Avalon Housing to develop affordable housing. Nice. DC-2 is a resolution to disburse money from the Community Events Budget. DS-1 is a resolution publishing the ordinance changes from PH-1/B-1. 

And that's all there is. Looks like it'll be a pretty short meeting. What items are you most looking forward to seeing? Hopefully we will see you there. The CTN stream starts at 7 pm. Make sure you follow the action on the #a2Council hashtag.

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