Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Election day musings


Ypsilanti's Ward Map


If you are eligible, please vote in your local races. They are really important. 

Election Results

First of all, here is the link to the page where election results for Washtenaw County will be posted. The first results should start rolling in a little past 8 pm. I will be smashing refreshing on this page frantically starting at 8. 

Local Races I'm Watching

The local races that are most interesting are where an independent is challenging the winner of the Democratic primary. In several of these races, the challenger has done a pretty good job campaigning (Ann Arbor Mayor, Ypsi Mayor, Ypsi Council Wards 1 and 3). It'll be interesting to see how much traction these candidates get. Here are the local races with independents challenging the winner of the Democratic Primary:

Ann Arbor Mayor: Christopher Taylor, the Democratic incumbent is being challenged by independent Eric Lipson. Dylan Manna is also mounting quixotic write-in campaign for Ann Arbor's Mayor.

Ann Arbor City Council Ward 5: Jenn Cornell, who won the Democratic primary is running against by independent Jonathan Hoard.

Ypsilanti Mayor: Nicole Brown, who won the Democratic primary is being challenged by independent Amber Fellows, who has been canvassing really hard. Mark Alan King, a Libertarian candidate is also running. 

Ypsilanti City Council Ward 1: Democratic primary winner Ma'Chelle King is the only candidate on the ballot, but she is facing a write-in challenge from current Ypsi Council Brian Jones-Chance.

Ypsilanti City Council Ward 3: Desirae Simmons, who won the Democratic primary is being challenged by independent Ashanti Allona Harris. 

 I'm also keeping an eye on local school board elections. In addition to Ann Arbor Public Schools and Ypsilanti Community Schools, I'm also curious about the results of the Chelsea School District election thanks to @48118Watcher

Gentle reader, what local elections are you most interested in? 

Ann Arbor's 5 pie-shaped wards

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