Monday, March 4, 2024

Ann Arbor City Council Preview: March 04, 2024


Gentle reader, it's #a2Council night in Ann Arbor. Here's the agenda

The meeting kicks off with a modest, 13-item consent agenda. CA-1, CA-2, and CA-3 are all additions to the Greenbelt. Fans of 99% Invisible will be excited about the Heydon property in particular. CA-8, CA-9, CA-10, and CA-11 are street closures for Take Back The Night, The Monroe Street Fair, Burns Park Run, and the MIOCA Time to Teal 5K and Fun Run, respectively. 

There are 3 public hearings on the agenda this evening. PH-1/B-1 is on tightening up the early leasing ordinance. PH-2/DS-1 is on updated fire and ambulance fees. PH-3/DS-2 is changes to the Fire Department bills for basic life support. 

There is one ordinance first reading on the docket tonight. C-1 is on some changes to the Greenbelt ordinance, including expanding the target area for the program. 

On to the resolutions! DC-1 is a resolution to appoint Sean Duval to the Economic Development Corporation Board as a Non-resident Elector. DC-2 is perhaps tonight's spicy chili. It's a motion to reconsider Reconsider the February 20, 2024 vote that defeated the resolution to approve a golf cart lease and appropriate funds for the purchase of lawnmowers. At the last meeting in February, a motion to drop $500k on leasing golf carts was defeated. Councilmember Radina is bringing a motion for reconsideration tonight. Check out Michelle Hughe's opinion piece on it here.  

That's it, gentle reader. What items are you most excited for? Hopefully we will see you there. The CTN stream starts at 7 pm. Make sure you follow the action on the #a2Council hashtag or on 

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