Monday, January 3, 2011

An Ann Arbor Specific Social Network?

Do we have an aspiring Mark Zuckerberg in our midst? The sites color scheme and layout make me think we might. I can't really tell what's niche is. They seem to offer classified ad's, information on local businesses, and a ride share board. What I do know is that Damn Arbor is their 20th member and that we've already earned 5 points. How we earned those points and what we can do with them, I have no idea.


  1., what fresh havoc will you wreak?

  2. Hey, thanks for the tweet and post. is new, so thanks for spreading the word. Niche? Just Ann Arbor.

    The site is for A2 residents and businesses, by A2 residents and businesses. The categories you mentioned were just what I threw up there to give others some ideas of what they can do with it. The idea is for Ann Arbor to take advantage of the site's domain name to get related search results for their business, etc., since the domain itself is weighed heavily in the eyes of you-know-who (the search engine we don't speak of).

    All are welcome to come on over and abuse the site...I mean use the site.

    BTW, there's a detialed list to tell you what points are earned for. Also, it's meant to be policed by its users to keep people from spamming it, and to keep it full of A2's locals- no outsiders allowed. If you see something that's spammy, just flag it. That way Ann Arborites can interact without getting punched in the face with ads, like Twitter.

    Again, thanks for the post!