Monday, January 3, 2011

Beginning of the Aftermath

After another roller coaster UM football season ends with a derailing, we wait to see who all of the casualties are. Our recruiting class seems to be first identified as Demetrius Hart, a running back tailor-made for the Rodriguez spread and one of the best recruits of the year has opted to join his best friend at Alabama. Although we haven't seen it yet, I doubt defensive coordinator Greg Robinson, or any defensive staff, emerge from this catastrophe with a job. The real question on everyone's mind is, obviously: Where does Rich Rodriguez's job stand after a improved but sub-par season?

Considering the timetable athletic director Dave Brandon gave the media for 'evaluation' of the team, which just so happens to end right after Stanford plays its bowl game, it's obvious that Jim Harbaugh is on tap to take Rich Rodriguez's job. Speculation as to whether the former standout Michigan quarterback (and Pioneer High School alum) is leaning towards returning here to coach or heading to the NFL to try and pull the 49ers out of a funk remains to be seen. Most believe that Harbaugh will leave his job at Stanford and come to Michigan if he wants to remain coaching the college game, although that's not a sure thing. Things get interesting if the favorite son decides to spurn his triumphant return in favor of greener pastures. What is Plan B in this case?

Since he has waited this long to make a decision, some of the hottest coaching commodities have been plucked off the shelf by Florida and other Bowl Championship Series schools in need of a new head coach. Mr. Brandon would have thought of this when putting together his timetable, which leads me to believe that his Plan B is to stick with the current head man and overhaul the defensive staff.

I personally think both are reasonable ideas. Jim Harbaugh has taken a Stanford program that was middle of the Pac10 at best, and led them to an 11-1 season. At the very least, he will appease the old guard of the university, signify a clean slate and reunite the fan base. We may lose some of the great building blocks we have for the spread Rich Rodriguez runs, including Denard Robinson, but that is the risk we are taking by bringing in a new coach. Sticking with Rich Rodriguez means keeping an exciting offense that continues to make strides and will lose very few players next season. However, there are obvious question marks about Rich Rod's ability to manage a defensive staff that have to be addressed.

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  1. These last 3 years have been really depressing.

  2. The offense wasn't that good or exciting. Yes, the defense is awful. However, the offense can only be excused to a point. 14-points is 14-points in the end. Denard, I'm afraid, is super-hyped.

    I celebrate the conclusion of this era of Michigan football.