Thursday, January 27, 2011

Crime wave

Does this really require a police report?

There is an editorial in the Michigan Daily today about the crime wave sweeping Ann Arbor. It begins by saying: "While it’s no Detroit, it’s no secret that Ann Arbor hasn’t exactly felt like the safest place lately." Really?

OK, two armed robberies in as many months is high by Ann Arbor standards and the indecent exposure cases are creepy. But personally, I haven't felt any less safe in Ann Arbor during this crime wave. Then again, I don't live in the Oxford area, or fraternity/sorority row and I'm a male of above average height. So maybe my perception of danger is different than others. Perhaps though, if people didn't call DPS over Craigslist pranks (see above), public safety officers could spend more time patrolling the dark streets around Oxford.

You can read more about the public safety meeting here.


  1. I remembered "litotes" for nothing?

    (Not for nothing. Ha HA!)

  2. How can I be unaware when the University sends me crime bulletins? Basically, I lock my doors and try not to stumble around drunk or otherwise vulnerable.

  3. I live off of East Stadium, near Packard, and there certainly seems to be more crime here than I could have expected: two (maybe three) bank robberies in the past few months, several break-ins, a mugging or two. I'm not sure if this is more or less than normal for the area as I'm new here, but like I said, it's more than I expected. Though, as the editorial helpfully points out "it's no Detroit." Good to know.