Thursday, January 27, 2011

South by Southeast

Too often we end up stuck in 48104. I am not especially fond of driving, but I am even less fond of drunk driving - and thus it's hard to go out further afield than downtown Ann Arbor. Sure, we have our favorite bars, but too often they become our default choices.

For a friend's surprise birthday last week we decided to get out of town, at least for a couple of hours. Thanks to the BTB Party Bus, which is basically a car you can charter to take you around, six of us made our way to Sidetrack, the excellent Ypsilanti bar and grill. I've been to Sidetrack before, but it's been months since I've relaxed there over a nice, cool Bell's. The food's great (love those sweet potato fries) and it's nice to have dinner with friends and not feel like you are going to know 30% of the people who walk in the door. On the other hand, I did run into a friend there, so maybe one has to leave Washtenaw County in order to remain anonymous.

The night ended at the Ypsi-Arbor Bowl, the kind of Lebowksi-esque touch that really pulls a night together. No white Russians, but no undergrad student groups celebrating Saturday night at Colonial Lanes. I didn't manage to break 100, but I guess you can't have everything.