Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Closing of Open Mic Night

Apparently it's food day at Damn Arbor. I have a post at my other blog, for the Michigan Telecommunications and Technology Law Review, about the end of open mic night at Jolly Pumpkin.

I was a little coy there about whether or not ASCAP can shut down an open mic night for original music, but let me be clearer here in that statement - it makes no sense at all under my (admittedly non-expert) understanding of copyright law.

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  1. The Times had a good article in August (The Music-Copyright Enforcers). Dome of the things that ASCAP and BMI do strike me as extremely unfair. i.e. Trying to make the Girl Scouts pay for singing camp songs. I realize that at some level it's important to protect IP (provide incentives to produce music, art, etc.), but at this point it seems like these groups are just in it for themselves. Why should they be able to skim money off bars that have open mic nights? It seems like a big protection racket.