Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lame to be Square

There has been an infestation of purple jackets in A2. They stand on street corners, shivering in the cold. You may be wondering - doesn't the Salvation Army wear red jackets? Is purple now the color of Galen Tag Days?

But no. It's for Squares, the new restaurant across from the Post Office on Liberty and Fourth. It's unclear to me what kind of restaurant Squares actually is, having never been inside, but I like to imagine that all the plates, food, and even glasses are perfect squares (cubes?). I am slightly confused as to why they are paying - or at least I *hope* they're paying! - people to stand outside and try to hand out coupons. It seems a little desperate to me.

Has anyone been inside who can report on what actually happens at this place?


  1. I imagine they are trying to get people talking about their restaurant. Perhaps someone will even write about it in a local blog.