Friday, March 18, 2011

Michigan Microbrewery March Madness: Game 2

Yesterday's match saw Atwater Block Brewery defeat Motor City Brewing Works by a margin of 28%. Today's game comes from the frosty Northern Division where North Peak is taking on Short's Brewing Company. North Peak hales from the Cherry Capital. Their beers come in very throwable stout bottles. Short's is a newer entry into the Northern Division, opening its doors in 2004. Their botanically named "Huma-Lupa-Licious" is abundantly hopped. Their motto: "Life is Short’s, drink it while you’re here." Let the voting begin!

Tomorrow sees what promises to be a fierce battle in the Kalamazoo River Division. Bells, The Duke of Michigan Microbrewery March Madness, takes on New Holland. Could this be the upset that Chris Primeau has predicted? Stay tuned.


  1. This match-up was all about distribution. Short's is everywhere now and while it's not that great, I've never had a North Peak, so Short's wins by default.

  2. Trust me, Chris, as a N. Michigander: you chose correctly. ;)