Friday, March 18, 2011

New slang

I've always wanted to create slang. Unfortunately, my previous attempts ("No Hobo") have fallen short of widespread acceptance. Nevertheless, I remain undeterred. The following are words or phrases I am nominating for universal adoption:

The Com - Short for People don't burden themselves saying The New York Times, do they? No, people just say "The Times," or "The Post," or "The Mooney Paper" and everyone knows what they mean. Why should we have to wast all those syllables saying The first usage of the Com, of which I am aware, dates back to Jim Rees' comment on The Ann Arbor Chronicle on March 13th of this year.

Michigoner - Someone who goes to college in Michigan but leaves afterword. I first saw michigoner used in Ed Vielmetti's article Five notable Ann Arbor area weblogs for 2010.

N.a.G.L. - Pronounced naggle. Acronym for "not a good look." i.e. Jorts and Uggs = N.a.G.L. Colleen Hill gets credit for coining this term.

The Hype - A shortcut or path of least resistance. Derived from hypotenuse. i.e. E. Jost heard this one from an undergrad I'm told.


  1. Hahaha nice Ben. Thanks for the props though I must credit the originator Asim. I'm just good at spreading Slang.

    On another note, check out this interactive typeface I made in school called Slang.

    Slang is a typeface based on a system of three variables that propel the evolution of slang in the English language: time, culture, and geography. Each factor influences the aesthetics of the typeface based on a user-chosen intensity scale ranging from one to five. The individual uses the system to ceate a personal slang tyepface and key. Only the author and those with whom they choose to share the typeface and key can decode the new typographic "slang".

  2. as one of the former employees of the old Ann Arbor News, I can say we called it the dot com waaay back in ought nine.

    Still, how come nobody calls it the Acorn?