Thursday, March 24, 2011

Real Talk: Jerusalem Garden & Earthen Jar

You guys. Okay. I know it's been cold for months and you didn't want to leave the house because you had to put on like ten layers of clothing. And I know everyone's broke.

But look, here's the deal. Jerusalem Garden and Earthen Jar are struggling because of the construction next door on the old library lot. So SERIOUSLY, go out and eat at these awesome restaurants and Ann Arbor landmarks this weekend! Not just this weekend, go next week and after that, too. Assuming they haven't fallen into a sinkhole because construction made some god angry.

Honestly, Ann Arbor's going to be a much sadder place if these places go under. Who wants to lose kick ass sag-dal by the pound (vegan and non!), and rad falafel? When I first lived in California, my fellow Ann Arbor-ite roommate and I got a free drink for knowing about that falafel!

So ignore the dust, and Cthulu, and get your asses over there. Do you really like Buffalo Wild Wings that much? 'Cause that's what you're going to be left with if places like these are gone.

Thanks to Mouse for the tip.

[photo via urbanoasis, thanks!]


  1. This is some real good real talk. I was just going to go to Jerusalem Garden myself tonight before this month's a2div meetup down the street. But sure enough, both restaurants were closed for the rest of the day. There's Christman workers all over the neighborhood and I saw them massed back there to work on it tonight at 6PM.

    Hopefully the best is made of this utter debacle and it brings people's attentions to the danger, financial and physical, these two great restaurants face.

    A "fun" side drama also playing out here is that the driveway that slid into the maw of the library lot not only serves the two restaurants, but also the houses at 310 and 312 E. Liberty. 312 has always been tucked back off the street, but now it's the red house perched ominously over the enormous hole. There were at least two cars owned by tenants back there this afternoon, and until this sinkhole is fixed up they appare to be stranded there. Here's hoping the people who live there got a nice reduction in their rent for all this (legitimately dangerous!) nonsense.

  2. I've never been to the Jerusalem Garden before.

  3. Jerusalem Garden is really great. Their falafels have always been really economical. Earthen Jar is worth a visit as well.

  4. And once upon a time, before Cthulu ruled, any baggy old kayak woman could zip into the library lot and snag a wrap sandwich at Jerusalem Garden in minutes.

    Kayak Woman (aka Liz's moom)

  5. Take the "Earthen Garden" poll

    I don't know if the restaurants will reopen for lunch today, so the question is where else to go.

  6. Seva! Kosmo in Kerrytown! Sabor Latino! The Cloverleaf! The real question is where NOT to go.

  7. Best coverage of this important development.

  8. Someone go to both of these delicious places for me! Oh how I long for some of the best falafel ever created.