Sunday, April 24, 2011

Christ, you know it ain't easy

Do You Want to Know a Secret? Today the Two of Us will Drive My Car for a Day Trip to Grosse Pointe, and, Girl, I will only want to hear generation-old Rock and Roll Music on the radio. There's just Something about Easter that makes me want to hear the entire Beatles anthology. Maybe it's all that talk about Lady Madonna and Misery and how they need to Carry That Weight. Maybe it's Because John Lennon is a bespectacled dead-ringer for Euro-Jesus. Maybe it's that I imagine all that boomery Revolution happening in the Good Day Sunshine of spring. Perhaps you can Tell Me Why; Nobody I Know has this problem, and it shows no signs of Getting Better Any Time at All. Whatever the reason, When I Get Home, I won't be able to Wait to keep the tunes coming. Yesterday it didn't happen; Tomorrow Never Knows this strange compulsion at all. But Beatles songs will be on the Tip of My Tongue until I lay myself down for some Golden Slumbers tonight. It's gonna be a Long, Long, Long day.

OK, now I Feel Fine.

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