Saturday, April 23, 2011


It's exciting that Five Year Engagement is filming in town. Friends are reporting Jason Segel and Alison Brie sightings. I like the idea that I could run into Jim Halpert, Andy Dwyer or other characters from NBC's Comedy Night Done Right. Last night though, when confronted by celebrities descending en masse upon the bar where I was drinking, I felt like the dog who had finally caught the bumper of the car I was chasing. It's a little strange seeing people from TV in real life. I feel like I know Jim and Andy and sort of assume John Krasinski and Chris Pratt are the same people. I wanted to ask them how they were liking Ann Arbor. Tell them they should check out the Fleetwood, the Farmer's Market and the Brick Dick while they are here. At the same time though, I didn't want to be imposing or pushy. Don't stars have the right to enjoy a pint of Oberon with their friends in peace?

In the end, I mostly giggled, thought about introducing myself and texted my friends. Perhaps I'll see them again while they are in town. Regardless, I hope they enjoy their time in our city and get a chance to experience all the great things we have to offer.


  1. It's funny - having lived in NYC I feel trained to *not* stare at celebs, so I consciously try not and appear starstruck. I saw these two on the street earlier; I'd only have engaged them If I actually felt strongly about either one.