Wednesday, April 27, 2011

An exclusive interview Five Year Engagement Director, Nicholas Stoller

Ann Arbor is abuzz with news of celebrity sightings. Hopefully, Five Year Engagement will be an entertaining little romp and we will all get to watch the movie and try to identify the locations in the film at the local premiere. I am as excited about this movie as anyone else, but I have to admit I don't really know what this film is about. Fortunately I was able to land an exclusive interview with director Nicholas Stoller. (OK, in the interest "journalistic integrity" I should say that I'm just pasting in responses from Nicholas Stoller's Twitter feed.)

BCB: Nick--Can I call you Nick?--the plot of Five Year Engagement is somewhat of a mystery. Is there an official policy of secrecy for cast and crew?

NS: Thinking of keeping all the details top secret so as to peak interest.

BCB: It must be difficult to keep quiet.

NS: I reaaaaally want to talk about 5 year engagement. But I'm not going to. I'm going to keep quiet. This is hard.

BCB: Well, would you be able to comment on the rumor that Five Year Engagement is a superhero movie?

NS: Yes in 5 year engagement you will be seeing superheroes from both the Marvel and DC worlds. There. I said it. [But] I can neither confirm nor deny that Bruce Wayne's childhood will be explored in 5 year engagement. (confirmed)

BCB: That sounds exciting. Will there be any characters from other successful movie franchises? For example, Star Trek, Star Wars, High School Musical or Charlie's Angles?

NS: Yes, yes, maybe, yes. Screw it. Yes on HSM too. Yes there will be songs from Glee. Yes it will be interactive. Yes there will be an angry birds iPhone app tie in.

BCB: Well Nick, it sounds like Five Year Engagement a real thrill ride. Thanks for your time.

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  1. Best Scoop Yet!!!! Now I want to get your newsfeed + see the movie.

    Great Work!!