Thursday, April 28, 2011

Urinal time interruption

Clever title, eh? Via Ann Arbor Craigslist missed connections:
I startled you at the urinal - w4m - 21 (Espresso Royale)

I'm sorry about that. You were standing there, minding your own business, taking a piss, when I barged in and headed straight for the stall. The look on your face was priceless - I imagine that you were not expecting to be walked in on by a member of the opposite sex. I imagine my expression also contained a similar aura of shock, with a thin veil of confidence, before I sequestered myself in the toilet stall.
My initial reaction to our encounter was that it sure was strange to have a urinal in ladies room, and that it was especially odd to have encountered a man using it. This is what I was thinking while I took my own piss. Luckily, you left quickly so I wouldn't have to face you at the sink. On my way out I realized it was I who had mistakenly entered the men's room, having overshot the ladies' room by a few yards.
I really want to apologize for startling you like that, for failing to adhere to the norms of our society and using the restroom assigned to people of the opposite sex. I also want to apologize for the judging look I might have given you, for that split second I was convinced it was your mistake and not mine that had put us in that situation. So, sorry, and I'll be more careful reading the symbols on the doors of public restrooms in the future.
Entering the wrong restroom can be pretty startling for all parties involved.

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