Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Putting the "fun" back in local politics

Greetings, gentle readers. Last week, Quinn Davis wrote piece describing her experience at a Ann Arbor City Council meeting. In it and the comments, Quinn and others discussed how to get more young people involved in local politics. Tonight there is a City Council meeting. Better yet, it looks like CTN's livestream is up and running. You can also follow @juliewbee on Twitter for her Ann Arbor City Council tweetentary. While you watch, think about any potential rules you would like to be part of the City Council/Public Commentary drinking game.


  1. I don't have twitter and therefore cannot respond on said platform, but who the fuck said "the kick is good" in reference to punting? A punt can't be good! A punt is when you kick the ball to the other team; no point may be scored off the kick! Sometimes your lack of sports knowledge is just embarrassing.

  2. Drink every time Thomas Partridge speaks during Public Commentary (thought maybe he doesn't do Council as much as some of the other meetings), and definitely every time Libby Hunter sings. I'll think of more soon.

  3. @Andy, if Thomas Partridge speaks three times, it's a hat trick and everybody finishes their drink.

  4. Drink if the following say any variant of:

    Smith says: "when I think about" or "I'm trying to make sure" or "go down a path"

    Briere says: "personally, I" or "members of the public will wonder" or "they are right to ask" or "what are we being asked to do?"

    Rapundalo says: "I, for one," or "I find it troubling" or "frankly" or "would just point out"

    Derezinski says: "back in the day, we used to" or "I remember when" Drink 2x for "back in municipal law, we used to"

    Taylor says: "sufficient granularity" or "that to which we aspire" or "all that is good" "thank you very much" or any Latin phrase; Drink 2x for "some de minimis amount" or if he makes a meta comment about the way he said what he just said.

    Kunselman says: "I can tell you right now" "I don't know why we don't just" or "can someone tell me why" or "I will not be supporting"

    Higgins says: "I just want to know" or "I'm just wondering" or "why has this not happened?" or "it seems to me like that should be possible"

    Teall says: "I agree"

    Hohnke says: "I very much hear" or "I very much appreciate" or "gratifying" or "tremendous" or "our friends" Drink 2x for "I am tremendously gratified that" Drink 5x for "I very much appreciate that everyone recognizes how gratified I am that" or "I recall distinctly"

    Anglin: "public input" or "sufficient dialogue" or "wasn't adequate" or "deeply disturbing" or "we never heard anything"

    Hieftje: "I don't have a problem" or "some people say" or "a lot of people say" or "I don't think anyone can point to a single case where" or "get this right" or "we have no reason to believe" or "I, too, am very much in support" or "we have always" or "we have never, at least in the time that I can recall"