Monday, April 18, 2011

Welcome Jason Segel

Texts from last night

Jason Segel is in Ann Arbor. Damn Arbor's Erika Jost saw him yesterday on State and North University (see above). From Ann Arbor's Craigslist > Missed Connections:

Ok, I didn't actually see you. But I heard you're here and you have a lot of nice, not-that-creepy female fans in the area. Like my friends and I. Also we know where to get good beer and salad. Just saying.

Ok well if this is super compelling let's do it! Sweet.

Jason, we'd just like to welcome you to Ann Arbor. If you want to go out for a beer, or something, drop us a line.


  1. Sunday, about 4:30 pm, I was at a red light on Washington and 4th heading west. I looked to the side and thought the guy sitting alone at the Arena sidewalk table looked familiar. I had enough time to stare and realized who it looked like. When at home I mentioned that I had seen a guy that looked just like Jason Segel. My daughter looked it up online and we desided it was him.

  2. Today I was at dinner at Cafe Felix, I looked over and saw a good looking man. I thought he looked familiar, and it clicked that it was Jason Segel, I didn't have the nerve to say hello. But my puppy was trying to meet him. I think she was star struck.