Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Where do you get your local news?

Interestingly, most U of M undergrads get their news from neither the Com nor the Daily. Perhaps they avoid the Com because many of the commentors seem to view them as a plague on the city. The question remains: how do we connect one of the largest demographic groups in the city to its media?


  1. Sounds like an opportunity for the Chronicle, if you ask me. Most undergrads don't really plan on being in Ann Arbor longer than they have to, though... it's not any different from MSU/East Lansing where I did my undergrad. Between school work, part time jobs, their extracurriculars, and getting drunk, I don't think UGs have much time to spare to follow local news.

  2. I've been in the area for over 20 years now starting with my stint at Eastern and staying here because I got a job here. For me, the Ann Arbor News was the the Ann Arbor Snews and not really good for any real information. The few times I've picked up Ann Arbor.com it doesn't seem any better. So my local news mostly comes from either NPR station (U of M or WEMU) and my national news comes from the Washington Post. When I was in school, it was mostly the Free Press for me (back when Mitch Albom was God).

    And the few times I've read the Chronicle, it seems better.

  3. @Andy, there have got to be some UG's that would be interested in local goings on. I think there is an opportunity for someone to this audience.

    The Chronicle is pretty great.

  4. I get all my local news from Damn Arbor.

  5. I'm an undergrad, and I read blogs excessively, so adding AnnArbor.Com and the Ann Arbor Chronicle to my daily reads is how I keep up with local news; I'd do the same with the Michigan Daily, as I don't often get to pick up a print copy, but their RSS feed doesn't seem to work with my computer, so I very rarely rely on the school news to keep me informed.

    As for my friends, I post anything I feel relevant on Facebook, so they tell me they keep up with with world through my news feed. :P I agree with Andy that most UGs aren't super interested in what's happening, unless it's entertaining... that's sort of what FORMzine tried to target, when they did local articles.