Wednesday, May 18, 2011

In case of Rapture

This Saturday is the Rapture. Apparently. Fortunately there is Safety Maps, a website that allows you to make a distribute emergency maps. I've made one to share with you, gentle reader. In case of Rapture, let's meet at Old Town. I've made one for a zombie apocalypse too, but I'm not sharing that one.


  1. I will be on my way to Denver on Saturday. But don't these people read their own Bible because I believe it says somewhere in there that noone will know until it actually happens. But then again, it seems they can't agree on what will actually nevermind.

  2. Thanks for the emergency map. I feel much better now.

    Maybe you can have a D.A. subscription service where subscribers get the Zombie map.

    Just Sayin'

  3. There hasn't been a post on Damn Arbor in over 12 hours! Did the rapture already happen?!

  4. @Daniel we are stockpiling Oberon in case of Rapture. Once we drink Old Town out, we are coming back here.