Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Ravens Club

The Ravens Club opened last Friday the 13th, and while the Damn Arbor crew was forestalled from having drinks that night, I made it back over the weekend to scope out the newest watering hole on Main Street.

"Watering hole" is probably too informal for this swank-aspiring lounge. I've been referring to it as an opium den or "Grange without the lights on." It's definitely not a place to spend the night, unless you've got a lot of cash to kill, but it's probably good for a quiet drink or two outside of prime hours. I had two pretty good whiskey drinks, although a friend's egg white based cocktail left something to be desired.

We'll see what happens next with Ravens - it might muscle in on the Felix or even Grange crowd, but I suspect that its prices are too high (and its ambience too scattershot) to make an impression on students, even graduate students. It definitely has a unique vibe on Main Street though, even if it's hard to know what exactly that vibe is trying to be.


  1. I really liked the dessert and the woodwork around the bar. Definitely not a place to spend all night.

  2. You suggest that not being attractive to students is a bad thing. Seems like a plus to me. Oh yeah and: get offa my lawn, you pesky kids.

  3. That's a good point. I operate from the assumption that, as a graduate student writing a review, I am interested in the ability of other grad students to frequent the bar. I would also point out that Ravens seems to full of the only thing worse than grad students - 30 something yuppies.