Monday, May 2, 2011

Water Hill Music Fest, a review

Water Hill is officially on the map. Well played Paul Tinkerhess.

Yesterday was a beautiful day and there was a great turnout.

After a late brunch, I really only had a chance to see Brennan Andes and Friends play. There were tons of people in Water Hill for the fest and I hear the other acts were great.

May poll, 'nough said.

I'm really glad so many people and performers came out to make the first of many Water Hill Music Fests an awesome event. I think it's great that Ann Arbor continues to develop great opportunities to get the community together, mingling and having a great time.


  1. charlie slick was great!!! he ended on the top of a van, couldn't have been better!!

  2. I love having a great time. I like it almost as much as having the best time.