Sunday, June 5, 2011


About a week or so ago, I found myself stranded at the Botanical Gardens with no bike and no ride. No big deal I decided, I'll just walk back to campus. As I walked down the narrow shoulder of Dixboro Road, past the National Sanitation Federation and several subdivisions, I wondered why would people ever build so much in a place that was so hard to walk to. It just seemed like lack of foresight. Thanks goodness for Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson. He explains that sprawl is not something to be feared, but rather the physical manifestation of the American Dream. Those that detest sprawl and malign it are nothing more than pinkos. Thanks L. Brooks!

Hat tip Motown to Treetown


  1. Why, thanks for the shout-out, Ben!

  2. That is like a 10 mile walk. WTF you planting at the botanical gardens?