Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer Reading List: Benji

When Erika initially proposed the idea of Damn Arbor summer reading lists, she was pretty specific that it should include Michigan-oriented works. Since BCB went pretty far afield of that criterion, I'm going to get even more outlandish.

Law school has essentially made me hate reading. The mechanical movements that my eyes go through are the same whether I'm reading casebooks or literature, so the whole experience got pretty unpleasant starting around the end of 2008. That said, I'm trying to rebound, and get back to the basics of what initially made me an avid reader when I was but a wee tyke.

And thus, Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time cycle.

Prosaic? Yes. Overly self-serious and self-indulgent? Definitely. High literature? Probably not. I'm going to reread the whole thing. At approximately around 11,000 pages, 4 million words, and over 17 days worth of audio book this is a pretty big goal, but June has only just begun and I'm on book four, so I'm optimistic.

So far the series reads a little differently than I remember from my middle school days, but I'm still enjoying it 15 years later.

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