Wednesday, July 27, 2011

More on Ann Arbor's nacho scene

How many blogs dedicated to nachos can Ann Arbor have? The answer is at least two. Rifferaff left a comment on yesterday's Nacho Frenzy article that pointed us towards another local nacho blog, A2 Nacho Tour. From what I can tell Nacho Tour documents the efforts of a gang of friends who go out and eat nachos in the Ann A-lanti area. Delicious.

Keep up the good work Rifferaff et al.


  1. I know this nacho crew, if you're interested.... I'm sitting next to one right now, actually. hehe :]

  2. Ann A-lanti...? Whatever happened to Ypsi-Arbor ... in honor of the now defunct Ypsi-Arbor Lanes?