Sunday, October 23, 2011

Frat Wars

I tumbld across an interesting post on Unoriginal College, a self-described "GDI in a FratCastle." From his post, Frat Wars, which chronicles a prank war between another frat and his housemates:
So, what does this all come down to?

I am the equivalent of Belgium in Wold War 2. Sure I’m “neutral” but to get to France, Germany has to throw rocks through MY windows…

One thing that I have learned about frat guys having lived with them now for 6 months is that the thing that binds them is not some sense of brotherhood; it is not drinking together; it is not swapping stories of women they have deflowered. No, what binds them is their common inability to take initiative in problem solving, as our window has been broken for over a month now.

What does this mean? I am going to an old stomping ground: 704 Hill St., now home of Sigma Phi Epsilon tomorrow afternoon to have a talk with one “Jon Smith.” No, I’m not trying to maintain his anonymity. That’s actually his name.



  1. Belgium was neutral during WWII?

  2. I'm not a history major and I am to lazy to wikipedia it so we may never know.